Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let us remember the lives destroyed in order to cover up criminal activities in Bermuda

In 2005 the operations manager for BGA group of companies in Bermuda was caught stealing from the company.  What was he stealing you might ask, well he was stealing from the poor, the retirement homes and the local charities.
Food Items destined to be distributed all over the island as a charitable contributions were intercepted and riped off by this man, items worth a staggering amount of money and then sold for his profit. 
Now I know what your thinking how nice that BGA was giving this food away to the poor people of Bermuda.  In actual fact they were dumping it only slightly before and often well after the expiry date had past a practise they do to this date and  in order for BGA to claim a lose for these items from the original suppliers they had to get rid of it and what better way to make points with the local community than to give them food that not only was about to expire but on several occasions was found to have bugs and other life forms crawling in it.

Moving ahead.
In late 2005 the Operations Manager was terminated from his position but was not turned over to the police and did not have to pay compensation to the company.   Why?
A year went by and business wasn't as good as it had been while under the strict watch full eye of the previous Operations manager so the decision was made to hire him back.
A not so unanimous vote by the management staff confirming the decision by Mr. John Tomlinson and the operations manager was rehired with full benefits and salary and a new company policy was enacted by all of the staff.

And that policy is......

The new philosophy was endorsed by the owner Mr. Wendall Brown, the current HR Manager and all of the company's management and then they all moved on.
As a result in January of 2008 Mr. John Tomlinson extended this new company policy and stole a piece of computer equipment from one of his employee's using the legal means and the Bermuda Government to stop the retrieval of the equipment.  That equipment is presently running the companies business.

In March of 2010 one of BGA's outstanding employee's Mr.Marc Paul Breithaupt was sentence to prison in what can only be described as the most unbelievable miscarriage of justice ever seen by a democratic society.   While I completely understand how this could have happened knowing that the management and that the owners of BGA regularly pay off the Bermuda government and their court system to continue their criminal activities.   What I don't understand is how Marc let John Tomlinson talk him into taking the fall for what could have only been another BGA criminal act.   This company has a long history of criminal activities ranging from selling contaminate food products and selling counterfeit drugs from third world countries as well as over pricing and stealing from there supplier on a major scale.   They have been covering up the receiving of illegal materials delivered in the containers with the cooperation of Bermuda customs and are fully protected by the Bermuda government.  In addition they have had major drug thefts that coincidental just happened to disappeared only seconds after they were delivered to their so called secured drug warehouse facilities.  Drugs that could have only been ripped off from the inside and with knowledge that could have only been provided at a management level and the strange thing is that no theft has ever been reported to the police, NEVER.   
Isnt is a little strange that this type of theft is never reported but a Canadian Employee who has made the company tens of millions of dollars in revenue was jailed for stealing!

This company is a major criminal organization in the Atlantic region and is fully protected by the government even though it is well know that the owner Mr. Wendall Brown has been involved in criminal activities for more than 2 decades.
So when I read that a former employee has been jailed for stealing from the company I not only don't believe it, I know every member of the management for this company has been stealing from the Bermuda people for the last 20 years and will continue without interference. My educated guess based on my previous dealings with John Tomlinson and Wendall Brown is that P&G noticed the thefts and they needed a scape goat to take the fall.  Anybody who has worked at BGA knows that the real criminal are at the top of the company not in the middle.

Marc I wish you a lot of luck and I hope you can move on from this.   I'd like to say this company will be stopped but the rich in Bermuda are controlling the Government and as long as that continues there is no justice.

Questions of Possible Money Laundering.

Financial irregularity's at BGA, CEO never gave authorization to CFO to process purchases.


Jane Hulse former CFO of BGA may be reported to Bermuda Customs for her part in a possible BGA Bermuda Customs tax cover up by the CEO of BGA.

Please direct all inquiries to the new CFO of BGA Simon Coombes.

Ms. Jane Hulse has declined to make any statements regarding certain financial transactions processed through her department while she was the CFO of BGA. The CEO of BGA, John Tomlinson is insisting that he never gave the Manager of Information systems from 2005 thru to 2008 the authority to purchase IT Equipment and software during this period of time. With this statement Mr. Tomlinson has confirmed that he never gave permission or authority to the previous CFO of BGA, Ms. Jane Hulse who made multiple documented payments for the purchases that were apparently never authorized by Mr. Tomlinson. Mr. Tomlinson has refused to make final payment for a Blade Server Center that was purchased specifically for BGA and was to be used as the new home for the Phoenix Account Database once they started to move towards upgrading their Sun Account system sometime in the next year.

In the mean time since Ms. Hulse has refused to confirm or deny Mr. Tomlinson's statements that the previous IT manager for BGA, Mr. David Ingles was indeed not authorized to make purchases for BGA, legal consul for Mr. Ingles has started looking into the possibility of a counter suit directed at Ms. Hulse for the remaining $9,300.00.

Ms. Hulse's present employer, Bacardi international has not made a statement at the present time. Apparently they were unaware of Ms. Hulse irregularities in her accounting practices.


BGA is presently involved in a legal action regarding certain financial irregularity's where the company's present management and the former CFO, Ms. Jane Hulse maybe involved.

Ms. Hulse has formally declined to provide a written statement to confirm or deny her part in these financial proceedings. Because of these questions her handling of tens of thousands of US dollars during her tenure as Chief Financial Officer of BDC2000 are in question.

Since Ms. Hulse has refused to cooperate after requests pertaining to this matter were made in person and were turned down. All documents with regards to this matter have been requested from BGA's lawyers and answer are still pending. In addition information may be passed on with regards to the principles of BDC2000 and more specially the former CFO Ms. Jane Hulse, as it appear that she was the is central contact for Bermuda Customs in all cases against BGA and the Phoenix. In addition John Tomlinson who has denid that he gave any authorization for any payments even though there is a very length paper trail of invoices as well as copies of BGA check statements that can confirm these transactions were made as well as any further questions pertaining to other invoices she many have handled.

After passing this information on to Bermuda Customs today their representitive assured me that they will review all of this information in depth and if necessary go back on all of BGA import financial transactions processed by BDC2000 before and after Ms. Hulse was their Chief Financial officer and respossibe for signing BDC2000 Custom decloration statements, including the ones for Wendall Browns companys that imports Cigarette to the Island as well as for his construction company holdings which are presently suspected of being used for other violations by the Department of Immigration.

It has long been as issue by Bermuda Customs that the use of BGA's company containers to ship material into Bermuda for other companys not related to BDC2000 has been a growing concern. For a very long time BDC2000 has able to continue trade without interruption from Customs due to the constant drug trade from the US and the fact that BDC2000 is trying to ligitamize itself more on the island by the purchase of other businesses, and in addition Bermuda Customs was not allowing mixed contains from different companys without full disclosure on to the island, the costs were very high for the rick of being caught, it still is even though it continues to happen. its getting harder to hide.

BDC2000's business is getting very complicated. Apparently Ms Hulse didnt feel comfortable continuing to fix certain questionable transactions into an accounting model that could be traced, so rather then wait for any questions that might be posed by to the authorities she decided to leave BGA before any possible legal action was taken against her. With in the last year BGA has replaced it CFO its Accounting Auditor, its IT Auditor and it IT Manager. Are they all related?

Possibly a very wise move on Ms. Hulse part to leave on her own except its not the government taking legal action against BGA yet. Its a good thing that every piece of documentation producted by BGA for the past 10 plus years is still sitting in the warehouse. This will make it much easier for anybody wanting to look at it to match their records with every invoice saved by BGA. I can already think of number of mistakes they will immediately catch once they compare the posted invoice to the customs information and realize that BGA never reported non-related items on their declaration form, Im sure BGA wont mind paying for the mistakes.

Apparently it was discovered during the filing of a lawsuit against BGA, when Mr. John Tomlinson insisted that he never gave permission for certain transactions to be processed and therefore any additional transactions would also appear to be illegal. If these transactions were indeed illegal they need to be reported to the Police and Bermuda Customs as well as the Banks, the question of possible money laundering may be involved on the part of BGA as well as fraud. These transactactions therefore need be reported to their own Bank, the Bank of N.T. Butterfield and the Bermuda Securities Commission who will then make the appropriate request for all documentation regarding all transactions handled by Ms. Hulse for BGA and BDC2000. If it turns out that this is more wide spread then then suspected Bermuda customs has the power to suspend all containers coming in to BGA until all customs duties have been verified and cleared. Also I would suspect that Customs would want to post an inpector on every container coming into Bermuda related to every company in the BDC2000 Group.

Ms. Hulse may be asked to return to BGA and verify every transact that she authorized over the last 10 years. Failure to do so could mean an immediate expulsion from the island of Bermuda. Ms. Hulse has not said whether BGA has advised her to retain legal representation in this matter.

BGA's Management have stated that they never gave authorization for any purchases, which means they never gave the CFO Ms. Hulse permission to process any of these transactions, therefore she never had permission to act as a representative of BGA to Bermuda Customs. Because Ms. Hulse was representing BGA illegally in these activities, it means that she was misrepresenting the employees and customers as well as the vendors of BGA to Bermuda Customs.

Jane Hulse is presently working at Bacardi international in Bermuda and continues to deny all involvement.

Ms. Hulse involvement in this matter continues to be scrutinized.


If you have any information related to this matter

Please direct all enquiries to Simon Coombes or John Tomlinson at BGA group of Companies.


US Banking regulatory service as well as the Bermuda Banking compliance, Bermuda Customs and Bermuda Immigration may wish to investigate these irregularities further.

It has been suggested that this information may be passed on to the Bermuda Supreme court during the course of this investigation and during the course of the legal action again BGA.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pembroke did you know that there is a major drug distributor in your neighborhood!

That's right BGA has there main pharmacy warehouse in the middle of Pemboke, and I know what your saying, you have to put it some where and your right, but do you have to leave the door wide open. Do you have to leave the trucks unattended. How easy would it be to rip this place. No alarms, No security, the employees are always propping open the doors to go for a smoke their are some very dangerous narcotics available mean while the main door is always open.

For example
The management of BGA's Pharmacy department ordered $10,000.00 worth of sensitive drugs which were packaged  in a plain box for security reasons with no markings of any kind to make it easily identifiable.  This box along with several others were delivered to the Bermuda airport and was immediately cleared through Bermuda customs before being picked up and delivered to the BGA Pharmacy warehouse.  The box along with several others was taused on the floor to be opened and processed as is their usual procedures.  Within a very short period of time the box was picked up and stolen out of a pile of several other boxes and then it magically disapearing.  Just that one box and nothing else. While this was considered unusual the circumstances that followed were very strange.  The theft was never reported to the authorities and the contains of the box was never confirmed.  The box was never searched by Bermuda Customs which is usually the process by Bermuda customs if your a really good customer.  This appears to be a common occurence in Bermuda as are all thefts at Wendall Brown's Companies and there are many more instances of such theft.

So to the residence of Bermuda lets make these people welcome, walk over to Bakerylane location and walk down to where you see Rayclan and across the lane to the Redlaser computer store, keep walking until you see Signworkx and then walk up that ramp and ring that door bell and say hello from the people of Bermuda. Maybe they will invite you in for some good old BGA coffee or they might just think your another drug dealer looking for another pick up.

This company is suppose to be under the control of the Bermuda Government, strange how not one person from the Bermuda Government has ever set foot in any of  Wendall Browns companys to verify they are following the governments rules. 

I'll give you another example Government influence and abuse
Bermuda Customs is suppose to enforce the import laws of Bermuda, making sure the whatever is shipped to Bermuda is legal.  In order to ensure this process, especially for companies owned by Wendall Brown that import a lot of sealed shipping containers.   The very strange thing is the way BGA and the Phoenix stores are not required to comply to the same rules as other.  For example, across the street from the BGA warehouse is the main liqure distribution warehouse in Bermuda.  Several years ago Bermuda Customs informed the company that they were required to install video surveilance cameras through out the warehouse where ever a container is received. 
This demanded request has never been made to the owner of BGA or Phoenix Store warehouse facilities even though they have been sited and fined on several occasion for smuggling everything from construction materials to cigarette's and I have been told much much more. 
A few years ago digital video cameras were installed in the BGA warehouses in order to monitor the escalating theft in the warehouse.  Unfortunately the one camera over the receiving area was never turned on because of an unfortunate choice of installation location, directly over the receiving area facing into the warehouse.  Once the management realized that someone could monitor the activities in the warehouse and  in the receiving area that camera's was immediately removed along with all other camera's installed over the last year.  The question is why?
It was assumed that Bermuda Customs would eventually require the installation of these camera's at BGA and the Phoenix warehouse since both companies have been sited over and over again for illegal activies.  Some how they continue to avoid all of the Government rules imposed on other companies. 
How do they manage that?       

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look at the conditions people have to work under....

Just look at the mold and the stains no wonder people are getting sick. Is this from the rain or from the ventlation system, or the rats?

The black stuff people are breathing!!

Now that black stuff is mold and it is coming out of the ventilation system and for people with asthma it can and will kill them.

Every tile in the building is like this.

Notice how the mold is all over the tile and is being blown out of the vent in the the air.

Look at how the mold craws along the wall!

More stain mean more water leaks.

More stains which means more water leaking into the ceiling area. Replace one tile it just come back. What kind of company makes their employees work under these conditions. Who did these repairs a three year old. Is that an electrical cable coming out from where the water stains are, is it live?

Whats in the Bags?

Does anybody have a clue what these are? there all over the place in the warehouse on top of the freezer but nobody has the guts to walk up there and look. They have been up there for years. Whats in the Bag?

Promises Promises. Promise the world fix nothing,

A couple of months ago when it was raining a lot, several of the women employee's slipped on the wet stairs and were hurt, some pretty badly. In every case it happened as they were about to leave the building on the steps at the front door.Management said they were going to have this fixed! Well its been a couple more months and surprise surprise they never fixed the problem and YES we haven't forgotten nothings been done.Isn't it time the employee's and the customer's of BGA stop getting hurt on the property and someone does something.Isn't it time after all the years of lip services to stop sending people to the hospital. After repeatedly stating that they would fix the problem just for once don't you wish they would stop feeding bull shit and actually fix some thing when they say they will fix it. It just goes to show you how little your safety and the safety of others means to management. As you know management will never fix anything if it means your going to have to spend money on Marketplace's building and that is the number one problem with BGA. I have personally seen woman so badly hurt from taking a fall in the warehouse that they should have been in the hospital but they keep working because they didn't want anybody in management to know for fear of retaliation. FEAR that their own employer would fire them for getting hurt because of their employers negligence. Gentlemen one of these days your going to be sued by one of your own customers or your own employee's for negligence and when that happens I hope they call on your employees as witnesses.

Lets talk about the CURE.

Their are a number of very good, highly educated, highly skilled Bermudians that have worked hard to fulfill the promises made to them by the management at BGA. Ones that expected advancement after years of hearing the promises that if they obtained a better education, a higher level of achievement in their chosen field they would be rewarded. And yes they were, they were rewarded with insulting offers below anybodies expectations and an offers that they could keep their existing job or move on along with any future desires crushed with no more offers of advancement, which presented no chance and no choice but to look for employment else where. So much for a career at BGA. For a lot of Bermudians that meant moving on to hopefully better positions and better bosses. To those people who made the move, trust me, you made the right decision.If your a Bermudian and the wrong shade I wouldn't hold my breath at getting one of the key positions in management, its been tried and the failure rate is abnormally high. But feel free to apply for any of the other jobs, you will always be the right color for those. I really don't like to recommend this organization because they sometimes are just as bad as the people they fight but every once in a while CURE has a purpose and that purpose is BGA. Its time the complexion started to change a bit on the second floor of BGA. If you make real promises you should deliver. If you don't you should get the CURE and I'm talking to the CEO of BGA, Mr. John Tomlinson and the owner Mr. Wendall Brown, you two should be ashamed of the way you treats Bermudians. Believe it or not, nobodies as stupid as you think they are.

Ribena, Bermuda's stamp of approval.

Hey Bermuda do you like Ribena, well guess what, at BGA all of the rats agree that Ribena is their favorite drink, all that yummy blackcurrant flavour and the vitamins, but don't drink the sugar free Ribena there's something about Ribena with artificial sweeteners that the rats wont touch and as we all know, if a diseased infested rodent wont touch the human food there really must be something wrong with it, right kids. So drink up Bermuda, Ribena has been given the stamp of approval by BGA's rodent population and its the best.

Exposure! (Click here for more information)

Surprise Surprise more big holes in the ceiling exposing the BGA Staff to the mole the bird droppings, rat dropping, bug droppings, died rats, live rats, died and live cockroaches and yes everybody has had the extreme pleasure and enjoyment of crossing paths with at least one of these little creatures. Their all over the building I wouldn't be surprised to find out their holding the building up. That big patch beside the half missing tile, that's mold, tell me would you let your children live in a room that's full of mold because the BGA management not only expects it, that's where they put you when your being punished. Here's one for the department of health when an employee is punished for something small infraction their sent to work on the third floor where the concentration of mold, bird Fecal droppings and air born fiberglass from the rafters and rusted out air-conditioner ventilation shafts is higher then any where in the building. BGA Management knows the condition of the air-conditioner but they have no intention of getting it fixed, why because they don't own the building Marketplace does and Marketplace hasn't repaired one thing inside the building since well ...... almost never. They did fix the roof when the water started to drip, did I say drip, I meant pour into a $30,000 laser print and they were told they were going to get the bill for the printer. And there was the time they had to fix the ceiling when it completely separated from the building and fell three floors completely destroying the stair way to the main lobby. Fortunately for Marketplace nobody was under it when it dropped, what do you suppose they will do when the whole building collapses get out the glue.

This is just a very small example of the amount of water that is constantly leaking into BGA. This place is cold with the Air conditioning running all of the time, its damp and its moldy and musty. lets see who and what disease could be a threat under those conditions.

What is Legionnaires' disease?

Legionnaires' disease is a type of pneumonia. It was named after an outbreak of severe pneumonia which affected a meeting of the American Legion in 1976. It is an uncommon but serious disease.

The illness occurs more frequently in men than women. It usually affects middle-aged or elderly people and it more commonly affects smokers or people with other chest problems. Legionnaires' disease is uncommon in younger people and is very uncommon under the age of 20.

About half the cases of legionnaires' disease are caught abroad. The other half are the result of infections acquired in the UK.

How do people get it?

The germ which causes legionnaires' disease is a bacterium called Legionella pneumophila. People catch legionnaires' disease by inhaling small droplets of water suspended in the air which contain the Legionella bacterium. However, most people who are exposed to Legionella do not become ill.

Legionnaires' disease does not spread from person to person.

Where does it come from?

The bacterium which causes legionnaires' disease is widespread in nature. It mainly lives in water, for example ponds, where it does not usually cause problems. Outbreaks occur from purpose-built water systems where temperatures are warm enough to encourage growth of the bacteria, eg in cooling towers, evaporative condensers and whirlpool spas (tradename Jaccuzi) and from water used for domestic purposes in buildings such as hotels.

Most community outbreaks in the UK have been linked to installations such as cooling towers or evaporative condensers which can spread droplets of water over a wide area. These are found as part of air-conditioning and industrial cooling systems.

Maybe water in a creek or the water that gets pumped out of the holding tanks at BGA after it rains. All that humidity in the warehouse. Who knows what could happen.

The Stolen Ackie.

BGA staff, were you ever told the story about how $20,000 worth of Ackie that was stolen out of the warehouse by Marketplace Staff (sorry allegedly stolen by the Marketplace staff) and that the Ackie was then transported to your local Jamaican Grill (allegedly) where the Bermuda police department watched them unload it off the truck and sell it to the owner of the Jamaican Grill (allegedly) at which time the police reported back to Mr. Wendall Brown who decided to keep his customer rather than have them arrested, so he told the police that he would not press charges. Did it bother you that you were blamed for the theft of the Ackie? Do you still think your being watched? Why do you think the fence at the north end of the warehouse between Marketplace and BGA is now Locked. The Management of BGA knows who stole the Ackie. As far as whether anybody watching you, nobody is watching you, that would also mean somebody could be watching them, think about it. Remember these Camera's, they were suppose to watch the shipping doors so the dispatch area could confirm that shipments were sent out when the customers complained they never received them. They also have the ablity to see long distances and in a wide area. That made Mr. Tomlinson very afraid so he had them all removed. I wonder what the management of BGA is hiding in the shipments received and shipped out from the warehouse. If I didnt know better I would think drugs were involved. But then the Bermuda Customs people would know all about that.

Stand up and Salute :>

Now how do you suppose a place like the BGA Pharmacy warehouse that leaves the main door to the parking area wide open all day, 5 days a week. Where there are no alarms, no security except after hours, no guards and of course the kicker no cameras because we wouldn't want the criminals to be caught would we. So how did this gracefully person and I do mean gracefully walk in to the BGA warehouse undetected by at least 4 people, like a cat, unobserved by the human eyes I mean this guy had to be Spiderman because he managed to sense and pick up a small box out of all the boxes scattered about. Pick up one single box worth over $10,000 turn around, in broad daylight and then disappear without a trace. Of course this is fiction, right, there's no way a person could do this, and if they did there's no way you could trace the thief and the chances are nobody is going to die, not from that drug, right! WHY you ask?Well I guess the Police could always hang around the hospital looking for someone with a Viagra overdose, someone who's been saluting for more than 4 hours and then they could sweat out the name of his supplier.What I want to know is where are the people who are suppose to regulate the distribution of dangerous medical prescription drugs on this island. No I'm not talking about your neighbor coming back from vacation and bringing back some weed, I'm talking about the people that restrict the importing of prescribe drugs into Bermuda. They appear to be spending all of their time restricting and none of their time making sure the door is closed and to drugs are secure. Take a look around the island their is better security at the Church Street post office than there is in the BGA BAKERYLANE Pharmacy warehouse and I would hope they don't import morphine on purpose. There's better security at the Burnaby Street and Front Street Cigar store and they only sell tobacco. I think the Bermuda Health authority, the Police, the Bermuda government agency that is in charge of regulating drugs on this island should look into this operation. Right now a three year old with a water pistol could rob this place and nobody would see it or even know about it until long after it happened. Remember that location BAKERYLANEjust across the lane from the Redlaser computer store look for Signworx and right up the ramp to the parking lot.

Monday, March 9, 2009

More Exposure! (Click here for more information)

That big patch in the middle of the tile is once again black mold, tell me would you let your children live in a room that's full of mold because the BGA management not only expects it, that's where they put you when your being punished. Here's one for the department of health when an employee is punished for something small infraction their sent to work on the third floor where the concentration of mold, bird Fecal droppings and air born fiberglass from the rafters and rusted out air-conditioner ventilation shafts is higher then any where in the building. BGA Management knows the condition of the air-conditioner but they have no intention of getting it fixed, why because they don't own the building Marketplace does and Marketplace hasn't repaired one thing inside the building since well ...... almost never. They did fix the roof when the water started to drip, did I say drip, I meant pour into a $30,000 laser print and they were told they were going to get the bill for the printer. And there was the time they had to fix the ceiling when it completely separated from the building and fell three floors completely destroying the stair way to the main lobby. Fortunately for Marketplace nobody was under it when it dropped, what do you suppose they will do when the whole building collapses get out the glue.

Bedding down to some place comfortable.

Has anybody noticed that there is a king size bed and some furniture on top of single pick area in the BGA warehouse that is covered up with sheets that the rats and the birds are using for nesting material. The covers are filthy and covered with bird crap. Apparently this is furniture left behind by the previous owner of BGA, Ward Young and for some unknown reason its been allowed to become a home for everything that crawls.I'm just wondering when it stopped being furniture and it became garbage. Was that before Mr. Young through it away or after the rats and the birds and the bugs decided to dig holes in it and call it home. Its so hard to decide.This place is like working at the dump except BGA doesnt through out the garbage they buy it, store it, and sell it.
Tell me, would you want rats in your house because the diseases they carry are being delivered every day by the BGA warehouse to your local super market.

Lights Lights and more Lights.

All over the warehouse in every corner in boxes on every floor from the current owners and from the previous owners and probably the owners before that there are florescent lights tubes. Some in boxes. Some brand new. Some burned out. Some broken. Some not in boxes. All of them mixed together so nobody knows which ones work and which ones don't. And now with the lights being replaced a couple of months ago all of these lights should have been gathered up an taken out to the airport to the special area for Mercury Disposal. The BGA warehouse is full of this stuff making it an environmental hazard for Mill Creek and the surrounding area. Is the Mercury leaks into the ground water, probably, it could cause a disaster to the environment requiring the removal of all of the surrounding surface top soil as well as a clean up of Mills Creek of any contamination. Will the management of BGA do anything about it.
No....Because. Its Not our building.

Strange things going on at BGA, I wonder why?

I have put in a lot of time working for BGA and during that time I only seen the police twice, once when a couple of aposing gang members were hired in the warehouse and they tried to (not very hard) to kill each other in the parking lot. Pretty dull entertainment for a Monday, the second instance was when one of the warehouse employees killed his girlfriend and went to work as if nothing had happened, I wont even say it was close to entertaining, it was how ever a very sad day even though the management carried on as if nothing happened. Aparently when the management tells the people in the warehouse not to think they actually take it to heart and as soon as they make it past their three month probation period they turn thier brians off. My guess is its the only way they cope. Some obviously dont. A sad day for Bermuda.BGA has had several occasions when things have been stolen from various areas of the company but in almost every case the Police were never called, nor was there any attempt to try and make sure it never happened again. In fact the company seems to go out of its way to make sure their is no security. Case in point, the security codes for BGA main warehouse consist of a fixed digit code, those codes are maintained by a company called Bermuda Security Group who for a fee that BGA never wants to pay will assign a new code to a new employee as they are hired. Because management never wanted to pay the fee when a new employee was hired they also never wanted to deactivate a code when an employee left the company. So they decided to recycle the codes even if it meant that the person using that code might have been fired, the next person to take his or her position would probably get the same code. To this day there have been a lot of people with access to the security codes that have left the employment of BGA but the codes never change they continue to be used. Also because there have been a non-stop revolving door in certain positions within the company, some of the codes have been used by more then one person, in fact several people. If the company was ever broken into and the warehouse robbed, there is no way you could identify who did it based on who had access to the security codes because over the years half the population of Bermuda knows those codes. Last year around the beginning of 2007 a project to purchase and install new surveillance equipment for the warehouse was started. By January 2008 everything was installed and was up and running. As I understand it the equipment was purchase to watch the entrances and exits of the warehouse and not the people working there.That month the whole thing was shelved, the equipment was dismantled and the camera's taken down.It almost like the management of BGA doesn't want anything watched to closely, the management knows there is stealing going on but they obviously don't want anybody to identify who's doing it. If the employee's wanted to prove it isn't them management removed the only thing that would prove it.Its very confusing, I don't understand it, why would you OK the expense of purchasing equipment only to take it down just before you start to use it. It doesn't make sense.Why did they OK it in the first place.The original plan was to purchase camera's to watch the warehouse shipping doors. A few additional camera's were later installed to watch the receiving area doors. The intention was not to watch the warehouse personal but to watch for what was leaving the warehouse. This could have been anything from merchandise to office equipment. The camera's were placed to watch people coming into the warehouse and record what they left with. But once everything was in place the CEO of BGA then decided he didn't want the equipment, why is a complete unknown. I do know that he tried to deflect the approval of the purchase and the installation of the equipment and that after a year of progress he denied he had OK'ed the project and that the individual charged with the project was working on his own. Unfortunately for the CEO there were to many people involved in the process and a paper trail that was signed by him and authorized by him lead straight back to him.Something strange is going on at BGA their security systems are so bad that every time it rains the alarm company usually disregard the alarms. They still call to get the OK but if that verification process takes all night the security company will never call the Police or Fire Department. The place could burn down in a real fire and if nobody told the security what to dothey would never call, for that matter even if they did call and the fire alarms were going off its more than likely the security company would be told to ignore it. There have been so many false alarms at the warehouse that you might as well not have an alarm system.What I would like to know is, what insurance company covers this company and why? I keep waiting for the place to burn down, I'm betting the fire department wouldn't show up to put out a real fire unless the flames threaten the neighborhood. And from what I have been told its more than likely the fire department would show up with hotdogs and marchmellow's and watch the place burn.Possible reasonIn 2004, 2005 a partial survey of what worked and what didn't was done in the warehouse, out of that the Fire department recommended that BGA update some of the fire equipment.Alarm bells, alarms sensors and other things like a formal escape plan and a time scale to do it in which was recommended to be done before a disaster happened. None of these things were ever done because of two reasons. Number one, the expense was very high. although the price of the equipment was low the installation was high, no electrician would touch the existing electrical wiring in the building and insisted on new wiring as part of the quote. Second, and everything comes back to this point BGA does not own the building and therefore will not make improvements to something they don't own, even at the safety of it's own customers and employee's.There is a third factor which I would also like to mention and that is the BGA warehouse itself pre-dates all present construction, structural and electrical requirement codes. Any improvements made to the property would fall under the new building codes and would force the owner to upgrade the entire building. Which means the government cant force Marketplace to improve conditions in the warehouse even if those improvements could be life threatening if they are not done. This could be why the management of BGA stop the surveillance project, a better guess would be that camera's watching the doors would record the coming and going of the rat and bird population and stolen items but management also decided that that would be a very bad idea to have a recording of the building falling on somebody or the building burning down if it also proved negligence on the part of Marketplace and BGA. Think about it BGA employee's, the building your working in is only standing because of one factor, LUCK. Some day that building will collapse from metal fatigue, from rust, from the extra weight put on the roof by building a second one on top of it. I hope BGA's luck holds up and nobody is under it when it happens.If anybody knows the insurance company's name, send me an email. I want to make sure I'm covered by somebody else, anybody else.

Who's In Charge of the Pharmacy Warehouse?

January 1/2008

The Manager of the Pharmacy department at the Bakerylane location, Mr. Jon Turner packed up the last of his belongings and boarded an airplane to London. His Family had moved back to England over the previous 6 months and Mr. Turner had decided with his wife and girls that the atmosphere of Bermuda had lost its appeal. But was he quiting BGA, apparently not what had been decided was to try something new. Since Mr. Turner never made customer calls in person and never made contact with the public except over the phone, it was decided to see if he could run his department from his home in England. This was a very interesting idea and had its merits because it was Jon Turner that had made the department a success and part of that success was in large part to his ability to control his department and resources without interference from the CEO of BGA. Fortunately Mr. Turner department started out and remained the main stay of BGA's revenue base and although the BGA warehouse the CEO insisted on control within the BGA warehouse the selling of pharmaceuticals was a little bit out of his depth. As a result Mr. Turners skills were more pivotal with the increase of business to the company as he was able to increase sales and profit within the department. Now an asset like that you don't want to lose. There is just a couple of small problems which most people don't realize.The first problem had to do with going back to England and taking the job with you, your taking a job that a Bermudian might be able to do, after all the requirement for the job is that you have to be a qualified Pharmacist nothing more.

The second problem is related to the first problem in that there is no longer a pharmacist on duty in the warehouse and therefore since Mr. Turner is not in Bermuda doing a job from Bermuda is he a legally a Pharmacist in Bermuda. Complicated I know. Put it this way. If you try to get a drug prescription over the Internet from a company on the Net, who can legally write a prescription to that company, what country will accept that you are qualified to prescribe.

The third problem, is the people left in charge and that is when Mr. Turner left the company for England he left his assistant in charge, who is not a Pharmacist or a Doctor but a non practising registered Nurse. A long with Mr. Turner she does the purchasing for the department. She is also one of the most bigoted people against Bermudians on the island, although in all fairness she does think fairly, she thinks they are all stupid and far below her, you know, the typical American.
And lastly
Problem number four, the Bermuda Government still hasn't decided if a pharmacist in London England can pick narcotics over 3000 miles away and still be legally a Bermuda pharmacist. You decide, can you trust BGA with the minimal effort and safeguards in place, can you trust them not to poison you and give you the right drugs. Now this case is a little different, but in Canada, the US and through out the UK their have been hundreds of lawsuits where pharmacist have handed out the wrong drugs. Now in this case your talking about a pharmacist remote controlling drugs to be sent out to a pharmacy. How can you possible hold a pharmacist accountable for any damages including a possible death if he isn't around to take responsibility. And how can you blame anybody who is taking orders from that person if they get an order wrong and kill someone, they have not been trained nor have they been hired with the responsibility of a pharmacist. Lastly a nurse, no matter how competent she may believe is still a Nurse and not a Pharmacist. The Pharmacists of Bermuda should be aware that BGA is jeopardizing their reputations for an experiment. That's the law in the UK, Canada and the United States. If anybody is given the wrong medication it can trace it back to BGA's warehouse and if you allow this company to possibly kill someone your allowing them to get away with it because they are not going to fix this until someone gets killed.Now their were plans talked about that may have worked where a digital camera placed over the area allowing the pharmacist to see what was being picked as it was being picked might have worked. But there was a major problem in the plan BGA doesn't want camera's monitoring their facility's. So their not. In fact their was a project started to place camera's in strategic positions around the company so the facility could be monitored. Apparently the CEO of BGA found this disturbing and had the project manager fired and at the same time all of the equipment removed from the company. What are you hiding John Tomlinson?

One last look, notice the pictures at the top of the article, see how the doors are open? The doors are always open during business hours letting any would be thief and open door to the parking lot and easy access to the pharmacy warehouse. A child could and has just walked into this place without anyone stopping them. And since there is no camera there is also no record of the offence. Its happened once it can happen again.

I would like to know do the countries that provide drugs to Bernuda and demand a certain level of protection for the public know that the BGA pharmacy warehouse is being run on remote control.

Sick building, Sicker people.

There have been a lot of people at BGA getting sick because of the poor quality of the air coming out of the ventilation system and although the management feeble attempts to assure the staff that it's safe to breathe nobody believes it. Along with air quality reports stating that the building is safe, nobody who works their is going to believe anything from the management when they know the facts.The facts are this.You can't get a company to do a test on the air quality without telling them that a pesticide company is pumping poison into the building on a regular base and people are getting sick, but believe it or not that isn't the worse.Have you ever seen stories of contaminated water, bacteria that had been sitting in that stagnant water for so long that nobody knows what is growing in it or what damage it could do to a person. Well I'm going to tell you.On the second floor of the BGA Building as you come up the stair and into the main lobby of the office area you will see a very, very small receptionist area. This area belongs to Lavern, she is the receptionist for BGA, a thank less job only made worse by the fact that her work area is the size of a small three foot, by five foot closest. This area is so small there literally isn't enough room to turn around in a chair. Prisoners get bigger rooms.Lavern spends all day, 5 days a week 8 hours a days in this little hole of a reception area taking only her lunch hour off to remove herself from this Box, the rest of the time she answers the phones, takes care of BGA's deliveries and handles anybody who comes to the reception area, and believe me that is a job you have to respect.A while ago the air-conditioning unit over her desk which supplies most of the cold air for that part of the building started to leak. The managements solution, "don't fix it we don't own it" unfortunately that solution had a small flaw. Lavern was underneath it when it decided to dump. This unit has been leaking the equivalent of a bacteria, bug infested, Virus stew muck that's full of dirt (at least I think that's dirt) that leaked into the lights above her head before it falls all over the desk, the electrical equipment, the chair she sits on every day and the floor she stands on. The walls were covered with the stuff and the ceiling is stained with it.... everywhere.She did her best to clean this area up but given the fact that the receptionist desk is made out of a wood which is not exactly sterile and is probably as old as the building itself, what ended up happening was the stuff just absorbed into the wood. The Management should have immediately called in cleaners to helped her when it happened but as we all know the management of BGA won't replace anything they don't own and the warehouse is owned by Marketplace, their for the receptionist desk is owned by Marketplace. So the only conclusion you can make from this is the receptionist for BGA is expendable, worth less then the furniture she works on.Moving on from the nonsense.Ever since this happened Lavern has been sick and I'm not talking a cold, I talking sick, say at home cant move, loose your breakfast lunch and dinner sick and its been happening to the point where she is sick more often then she is well. Now do you think the Management has put this together of even cares that one of their employee's is constantly sick because of the building throwing up on her. "NO".Their non stop complaint is not the leak or the mess or the smell or the fact that there is a toxic waste dump in the middle of their reception area. Their biggest complaint is that they have to find a replacement every time she calls in sick like its her fault that the building is in such critical need of repair that it dumped all the crap built up from the first day that unit was installed probably over 20 years ago unit now, and BGA is making her sit in it every day and expecting her not to get sick.Do you believe this company.

Pest control, are you being poisoned?

After doing the research,the problems I continue to have after all of the years of continually being exposed to the poisons being pumped into BGA, I decided to provide a little more information to the people who work there.Since we're all being poisoned daily by the management of BGA and Bermuda Pest Control.I say that because nobody gave me a choice. Do I get poisoned or not?I Guess I do have a choice I can work or not work.Believe it or not every time a living thing crosses the line from the outside to the inside of BGA's warehouse we are being poisoned because the poison never leaves.

Here's what the BGA management and Bermuda Pest Control is telling you.

The Insecticide sprayed at BGA is save for humans.

The Insecticide will only effect Bugs.

The last two statements are not true.

First off I feel sorry for the guy that works for Bermuda Pest Control that comes into the BGA warehouse and insists that what he is doing is safe and harmless. This man is poisoning his body by not wearing protection and by believing what the industry tells him is true. I suspect this guy will never see old age. If he does I wouldn't to see his insides.Here is a little truth that Management and Bermuda Pest Control isn't telling you.First of all the type of poisons they are using are safe but with very specific requirements listed as follows.The Bug spraying is not to be left in an enclosed area.

What this means is once it is sprayed and the bugs are exposed to the insecticide, humans are not suppose to remain in the general area of the poison as it will be absorbed into the body up to 17 days after spraying.

This type of Insecticide is a Neurotoxin, which causes the nervous system in bug and other animals to literally scream themselves to death. A neurotoxin increases the sensitivity of the cells ability to feel. Once exposed to the poison the bug or animal will then literally feel their nerves kill them.Humans can have different effects when exposed to such poisons. You may have noticed tremors, headaches, Eye pain. Sinus Pain, breathing problems, skin rashes.

Do any of these symptoms some familiar. The company's like Bermuda Pest control won't acknowledge that these problems are symptoms of insecticide poisoning because there is no prove, their industry doesn't test any of their product on humans nor do they keep records on long term exposure records of their products on humans. There are no recent cases of legal proceedings against Bermuda Pest Control probably because the people involved cant prove it was insecticide exposure. The last person at BGA who dead from a mysterious ailment past away in 2007 he was a long term employee with a history of long term exposure to the insecticide.

Was in the bug spray?

who knows.

Since this type of poison has to accumulate in the body over a long period of time to cause damage before it causes cancer it is hard to determine if its the insecticide or something else that has caused this persons illness. An necropsy would need to be performed.


Did you know that all of the testing done on the insecticide used by companies like Bermuda Pest Control is tested exclusively on animals and bugs not against HUMANS. I know what your saying now, that's exactly what an insecticide is used for so that's where it should be tested and you would be right except that the testing is rarely cross referenced to human beings. What that means is the poison that they are constantly pumping into the BGA Mill Creek warehouse is tested on the cells of insects and animals such as rats, mice and birds, etc but the industry makes assumptions that it will only kill bugs or certain animals based on the damage done to a living cell but at the same time they make the assumption that since those cells are not from a human the chemical is safe for humans. For example the most commonly used insecticide utilized in the industry today is called Permethrin and it is used to fog the inside of large buildings such as a Warehouse for bugs like flea's, lice, maggots, cockroaches etc.... what companies like Bermuda Pest Control do is they use this type of insecticide of a couple of reasons first it was designed to be distributed as a mist and that mist can be controlled. Depending on the application the size of the droplets can be increased or decreased in size depending on what your trying to kill (type of bug) .

Permethrin is on of the most common insecticides used in the industry today.

Insecticides like Permethrin is a neurotoxin its used depending on two things, the kind of applicator and the location, whether it is for indoor or outdoor use.

Bermuda Pest control would like everybody to believe that the chemicals they use are 100% safe for humans and will only kill bugs or rodents. The truth is it causes a lot more damage then that and it does it to "people". Chemicals insecticides like Permethrin are in the same classification of poisons as DDT. The effects are the same. the build up in the body is the same and the toxic effects to humans are the same.

Here is a list of the thing you didn't know.


According to EPA, half-life (the amount of time required for half of the original amount of a chemical to break down or move away from the study site) was 17 days in a North Carolina agricultural soil and 43 days in Illinois. When used as a termiticide, permethrin persists longer; soil concentrations did not decline during the first year. Permethrin also persists longer in tree needles, foliage, and bark, up to 363 days. The ability of permethrin to persist in the environment was graphically illustrated by a study of an application of permethrin ear tags to cattle. Permethrin was found on all surfaces analyzed, not only on the cattle, but also on the bark of trees in their pasture, on a fence pole, and in grass. Some residues were found three months after the ear tags were applied.

To the residents of Bermuda BGA is PUMPING unregulated amounts of a neurotoxic poison into the BGA warehouse. These poisons are accumulating in the environment and over time are poisoning the people who work at BGA. There are people that have worked and died in the warehouse for more then 20 years.

Which means those people have been poisoned on a monthly bases for over 20 years.


Permethrin was mutagenic (damaging to genetic material) in three tests with human cell cultures, one with hamster cells, and one with fruit fly larvae. In cultures of human lymphocytes (white blood cells), permethrin exposure caused an increase in chromosome aberrations, chromosome fragments, and DNA lesions. In hamster ovary cell cultures, permethrin exposure caused chromosome aberrations. Exposure to Ambush (a permethrin-containing insecticide) during larval development increased sex-linked lethal mutations in fruit flies.


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), permethrin is a possible human carcinogen (chemical that causes cancer). EPA found that permethrin increased the frequency of lung tumors in female mice, and increased the frequency of liver tumors in male and female mice. The World Health Organization reports that permethrin increased the frequency of lung tumors in females in two out of the three mouse studies it reviewed. Lung tumors increased with increasing permethrin exposure in the third study, but the increase was not statistically significant.There are no publicly available studies of the carcinogenicity of permethrin-containing insecticide products.There are two molecular mechanisms which could explain permethrin’s carcinogenicity. First, permethrin reduces the activity of an enzyme involved in the breakdown of the amino acid tryptophan. This can lead to the buildup of carcinogenic.

Although there are no formal studies related to insecticide poisoning in Bermuda there is one case where a famous family had a medical procedure was done between 1998 and 2002 in order to find out the cause of some very serious problems with a family member. Mr Frank Gamble had a Necropsy performed on his wife to find out why she was showing all of the symptoms of a stroke, after the medical procedure was performed in London England it was found that she actually had high levels of insecticide poisoning, specifically BAYGON poisoning. The Insecticide was causing severe nerve and brain damage. Her system was flushed of the toxin but it never recovered.

BGA Brings in Tons of this product to Bermuda every month. There is no special handling procedures. There are no warnings posted to the Staff. There are no protective gear handed out to the employee's.

People are getting sick and the BGA warehouse is getting more and more toxic.

Meat and Potatoes

BGA's management is far and above the greediest group of human being I have ever had the displeasure of meeting on this planet. Their leader a man that insists on controlling every move, every person in the company that will in the short or long run cost him or her  their bonus at the end of the year. Does he work with his people to make a better company. "No". This company is run like a juicer. By that I mean one mans non-stop effort to suck dry every drop of money that can be pulled out of Bermuda without replacing a single thing. No regard for the health and welfare of Bermuda, no cleanups, no improvements that are not calculated into this one mans profit margin. Everybody and I do mean everybody else is a puppit player in this mock team. John Tomlinson needs poeple to help run the company but he only needs them as fuder. He recents and in fact eliminates anybody with a brain or morals, compasion or will. He wants people who rely on him for not only leader ship but he thinks he can get them to validate their lives through him and when a normal human won't put up with that kind of control he fires them or worse. Either way he thinks he's a winners and so do the minimal thinkers that follow him around and do his bidding.  On an island full of Church goers it hard to believe that the people of Bermuda can't recognize what John Tomlinson truely is.

A shoe salesman and a rather bad one from what I have heard.

He comes from a family with no money and married into a family with money and from what I understand hasn't managed to make a lot more money since that day.  He knows how to spend it.

He is in parnership with Wendall Brown a man who is well respected in Bermuda as a figure in organized crime,  he has to be or things can happen.   Look up Wendall Browns little history on the internet,  their isnt much but the one thing you will find is a man that seems to have ties to criminal activities but also has the Government connections to get out from any charge. 

Has anybody from law enforcement ever looked in these containers.

Several years ago the CEO from the Phoenix moved two containers too the BGA property and left them there right in clear sight behind the the front gate. Nobody has any clue whats inside them, nobody has ever been inside them and when anybody asks, nobody knows. Well don't you think somebody should open these containers to see what the CEO from the Phoenix has been hiding on the BGA property for all of these years. I know your thinking I'm crazy their just a couple of containers, but look closely, have you noticed the air vent on the top, if its just a container what does it need an air vent for? Have you ever seen any of the other containers with air vents? I know the limitation on some crimes is only seven years. How long have those containers been out there? These two containers are right beside where people eat every day, what exactly is the management of BDC2000 hiding in the containers on their property, maybe the police should take a look.
I forgot the Bermuda Police have orders from Mr. Wendall Brown to never set foot on any of his properties under and circumstances.  For example one of BGA's employee's was arrested a while back for killing his girlfriend with  knife.  At no time did the police enter the BGA ofiice area or Warehouse area instead they remained outside until the man gave himself up.  The police follow all orders from the Bermuda Police chief Mr. Wendall Brown.  

Banking information, In case you want Donate to Johnny Bravo's retirement fund. Send your money to BGA's legal offshore accounts.





Accounting Contact Name: Simon Coombes

E-mail or fax address: 441 096 0560




IBAN – MANDATORY _________________________

Account Currency: US DOLLARS

Bank Swift No. BNTB BMHM


Account Number: 006 840 500718 100


The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Ltd.
65 Front Street
Hamilton HM AX

Contact: Ms. Rhonda Marshall
Phone: (441) 295 1111
Fax: (441) 296 0380


Dun & Bradstreet #: 87 564 4338

Procter and Gamble Commercial Company Revlon Manufacturing Limied
City View Plaza, Carretera 165, Km. 1.2 Gyaynabo, 1551 South Washington Ave
P.O. Box 363187, San Juan, Piscataway
Contact: Ms. Charlene Lopez N.J. 08854 U.S.A.
Tel: (787) 620-7070; Fax: (787) 620 7227 Contact: Tom Brundage
Fax: (732) 424-5447

S.C. Johnson Johnson & Johnson
Western Bank World Plaza, Suite 1600 Churchill Rosevelt Highway, Trincity
268 Munoz River Ave. P.O. Box 1140, Port of Spain
Hato Rey Puerto Rico 00919 Trinidad, W.I.
Contact: Peter Santiago
Tel: (787) 758-6411; Fax: (787) 766-2399 Tel: (868) 640-3772; Fax: (868) 640-3777

Georgia Pacific Corp. Solo Cup Company
PO Box 281523 1505 East Main Street
Atlanta, Ga. 30384-1523 Urbana, Il 61802
Contact: Accounts Department/Oliver Contact: Laurie Wilkey
Tel: (404) 652 6467 Fax (920) 438 2358 Tel: (217) 384 1800 Fax (217) 365 2347

The Clorox Company Welch’s
PO Box 75601 P.O. Box 100565
Charlotte, NC 28262-8522 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Contact: Richard Taurell Contact: Mara Mercado
Tel: (954) 217 0281 Fax: (954) 217 9108 Tel (787) 289 0224 Fax: (787) 289 0284

Kellogg Caribbean
P.O. Box 101391
Atlanta GA 30392-1391
Contact: Israel Renta
Tel: (787) 788 9100 ext. 237 Fax: (787) 783 7444


ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0011067808



BENERICIARY ACCOUNT NUMBER: 20 006 840 500718 100

Shouldn't the Bermuda Government be protecting the consumer.

I have always thought that in a truly democratic society government protects the public, and in order for that to happen that means a certain amount of faith in the people who represent your country has always been implied. Most ex-pats and tourists are not use to the levels of indifference demonstrated by the Government in Bermuda. The staff at BGA have always wondered why all levels of government stay away from this company. From the police to the fire department, from the heath department to immigration and customs, nobody seems to be concerned that Bermuda needs protection from this company and its management. When the Health Minister of Bermuda over a year ago, stood up in front of the news media and annouced that food purchased in the local markets had been found to have living bugs in it, the public wanted to know what he was going to do about it. Instead of giving a plan to track down the source of the contamination he lied and told the consumer that the food in question was not contaminated from the local suppliers, but that it was the foreign suppliers fault, the products were shipped with the bugs in it, how did he know that? how would he know that? who told him that? The management at BGA was relieved they had dodged another bullet, the heath department never sent one person to inspect BGA, all they did was make a phone call to the company's management tell them that they would handle the problem. . When people were finding bugs in there boxes of cereal and the government said they were investigating, Investigating where? why is it they never went to BGA the first logical place to check, but it never happened. It never happens BGA is never inspected by the Health Department, Never ever.
BGA must have a lot of friend in a lot of high places, I know there have been a lot of formal complains to the health department about the conditions, so why is it nobody can ever remember seeing a single health inspector from the health Department coming to the building and inspecting. Every country has their own rules for inspection but I have always assumed the health department investigated all complaints when it had to do with the public safety and the handling of food. Not at BGA, this company is so filthey I would never buy food from any store that sells their products. I may work for BGA but Im not stupid enough to get poisoned by them.
BGA's facilities are in extremely bad condition and their should be proper government rules and guide lines from the Bermuda health department, but nobody I know has ever seen anyone make an appearance at BGA. Even after a second occurance of comtaminated food and the local TV stations showed bugs crawling out of a cereal boxes and that some people didn't notice the bugs until they had already started to eat the cereal. Why then again did the governments health department ignore BGA as the source of the contamination. While I don't believe that the management of BGA would purposely hurt anybody, I also don't believe they do enough to protect the public and their own staff. Part of that protection should be to make sure everything possible is being done for the customer.

Most of the food products sold in Bermuda through BGA are not from the United States, Canada or the UK but from countries that do not exactly encourage proper handling practices or health standards. I don't believe the Government of Bermuda is protecting the consumer by allowing BGA to continue their business as usual. Something should be done or somebody is going to get hurt its just a matter of time.

To anybody reading the information on the BGA website.
I know most people when they are interested in a position at a company they go and check out that companies website.
Be informed the information on the BGA website is at the least FICTION.
For Example this company describes its warehouse as a

This Companies Facilities may have been "State of the Art" 30 plus years ago but today their warehouse is a metal toilet that should have been flushed over a decade ago. The building is infested with Rats, Birds and Bugs and is so dangerous to the public and staff that the Fire Department has refused to enter the building if it ever catches on fire. The electrical is so bad that no electrician will even touch the existing wiring. The buildings roof has been leaking for so long that its now life threatening to stand beside the northeast corner of the building, the only thing holding up that part of the warehouse is the paint. Ever air vent in the warehouse is an escape exit for the birds and rats and the level of rust to the structural beams could have only happened over decades. Nobody has a clue as to what disease are growing in the company's internal ventilation shafts, but almost everybody has some kind for health problem related to the bad air circulation and mold problems. In 1995 the company was not owned by Wendall Brown, but with the help of the company's CEO Mr. John Tomlinson when was purchased in 2002 has managed to drive the companies facilities to the level of the worst third world countries. BGA's computer application used for sales and inventory control are so obsolete that most of the equipment could only be found in a museum and the only way they can get support is to lie about the conditions. Most reputable computer vendors in the US and Canada wont sell to them.

If you value your reputation dont work for this company. Just a little friendly advice.

Magazine Distribution.

This is another division of BGA that does great business, they run a smooth operation, they make a lot profit and they don't piss anybody off. Even better they make a lot of money and they stay with the trends of the world and Bermuda, and that's hard to maintain when your Boss is still living in the 1800's.
An excellent department, the manager is a smart Bermudian woman. Excellent at her job, very capable.

Some how I doubt we will see her working over in the Mills Creek location, but who cares, right, I'm sure she would agree she's better off working where she is.
Please dont take this as an insult I know most Black Bermudians would.  Im only stating what Mr. John Tomlinson and Wendall Brown hs told their Management staff and that is the Black population of Bermuda will never ever work in upper management positions at BGA of any of the other Wendall Brown Companies.

There seems to be a severe color blending problem in the management ranks at BGA. Im sure as a Black Man and owner of BGA and the Phoenix Stores, Mr. Wendall Brown would agree that he doesn't have a problem with race at his companies. He lets the foreigners he hired to run and manage his companies take care of that pesky black people problem, and if they dont like it they can leave, in the mean time he can just keep molesting the women that work for him. As long as Mr. Brown has owned the businesses he seems to think he can spend his day feeling up the women. He can do that! who going to tell him he can't. Their all afraid of losing their jobs if they say anything against him.

Have you noticed that the divisions of BDC2000 (Thats BGA, the Pheonix stores and SAL) that are not under the direct control of John Tomlinson always exceed expectations, or is it just the fact that these people are no longer being chained down by out of dated, old fashion, Victorian, 18th century thinking, a shoe salesmans business practices, whipping Bermudians into some thing they are not, the bad sell is long dead in todays business environment but the CEO of BGA hasn't moved with the times since he married his way onto the Island. In fact its only when Mr. Tomlinson insists that he be the controller for the divisions of what has been a profitable venture is when the company see's trouble in bad decisions as well bad relation with customer and staff. All around bad management. It seems he likes to squeeze the company in the wrong places until the company passes out. You might say a slavers way and not a leaders way of doing business.

I think Victoria Spenser is a Leader in Bermuda Business that knows how to work with her employees for a goal.

Bermuda watch this woman she is going to out pace the men she works for and eventually leave them in the dust where they belong.

She might own this company some day.

Pitt & Co another front company

There has been a lot of talk about BGA's acquisition Pitt & Co. Of course everybody thinks this company was purchased to eliminate BGA's competition but everybody at BGA know's that it was purchased to handle one of Wendall Browns more lucrative enterprises, "Cigarettes". Yes that's right Cigarettes, BGA has over the last few years been taking a lot of heat from Bermuda Customs because of their continued shipping of Cigarette into Bermuda using containers designated for the BGA warehouse. You see BGA wholesale distributors is not authorized by the Bermuda government to buy, ship or sell cigarettes or any other tobacco product in Bermuda and because of that the customs department has been clamping down on BGA's illegal smuggling of these product's when using BGA's regular container shipments. So BGA or should I say the CEO, John Tomlinson decided that they would purchase a legitimate company to front their questionable operations by the purchase of Pitt & Co. The major draw back to this purchase is two fold.

First a lot of the popular products sold by Pitt & Co such as "Red Bull" a very popular energy drink also competed with a rather not so popular drink sold by BGA, sorry I can't remember the name of the drink but then again neither can anybody else, I do remember it had a really bad taste and the sales and marketing people at BGA had to practically give it away to get people to even smell it. This caused a lot of friction with the employee's at Pitt & Co to the point where most of the staff has now quit or been fired in the past few months over the company's purchased. A lot of the Islands Restaurants purchased from Pitt & Co and didn't like the idea that they were now being forced to buy from BGA's inferior product line.

The second problem is the Cigarette distribution from Wendall Brown, It was bad enough that BGA was forcing Pitt & Co to drop their most popular lines on the island in favor of BGA's lower class product line but when they were informed that they would be handling Wendall Browns Cigarette's, it was just a matter of time before everybody decided to leave.

Wendall Brown has been bringing in legal and illegal Cigarettes on to the island for years and has used his connections in government to protect him from prosecution. At the same time he has been using one of the Sales managers at BGA to sell those cigarette even though it is a violation of his work permit. Fortunately Mr. Brown has high enough connections at Immigration to ward off any threats from even the Bermuda immigration Minister as demonstrated in the past by his ability to get work permits that are untouchable by even the Bermuda immigration department.

The reason Wendall Brown needed to purchase Pitt & Co was because Bermuda Customs, the part thats not being paid off by Mr. Brown was closing in, making it to harder to cheat the government.
Everybody at BGA knows that his illegal activities were starting to draw to much attention and the honest Bermudians were getting tired of covering up for this criminal activity. 

You see those cigarette have been transported using BGA's regular delivery containers and on several occasions has allowed them to cheat the Bermuda customs department out of their taxes as they were undeclared items. This problem had gotten so bad that Customs started locking all BGA containers until they could prove the contense of the container was indeed the same as on the shipping invoice. And nothing is allowed to land in Bermuda without an invoice. I wonder when Bermuda Customs is going to force BGA to put up Camera's so they can watch the container being unloaded.

I guess the people over at Pitt & Co decided that they didnt want any part of Wendall Brown or his front man John Tomlinson, so most of them have quit, hell all of them quit except for two people, I assume they were the management flunkies that were willing to take money to replace their conscious and morals. You may have noticed their ads looking for new warehouse personel.  If you decide to work for this company or any of Wendall Browns Companies, beware this man is invovled in Criminal activies and will have no problem screwing you over to protect himself and his organization.
you have been warned.

Stolen computer equipment.

On January 5 2008, 14 Computer servers were purchased by the former BGA Manager for information systems, Mr. Ingles using his own funding and connects to purchase this equipment. Mr.Ingles was to have the equipment shipped to Canada, where upon his return was to be used  for his own ventures.  His property was never delivered by Bermuda Customs and it was never reported stolen by Bermuda Customs. Every road block to the recovery of these equipment was made available to protect these criminalsfrom prosecution.

On January 21st 2008 that equipment was stolen by the Owner of the BGA group of Company's, Mr Wendall Brown of Bermuda, with the authority of the CEO Mr John Tomlinson when it was taken from the Bermuda Customs area with the assistance of  Bermuda Customs.  That theft was then covered up by Bermuda Bermuda Customs, the Police Department and by the Bermuda Supreme Court.

The owner of that equipment was eventually forced to leave by the Bermuda government in an attempt to cover up criminal activities by the owner and management of BGA.


To all computer users, there is a Virus located on the BGA Website, it is harmful and it will do damage to your computer if you pick it up. This Virus is a direct result of incompetence.
This company has been banned world wide and has been placed on several black lists as a spammer and heavily infected site.
The Virus is extremely hard to remove.


To anybody reading this blog, the BGA Group of companies are involved in criminal activities and has stolen a very valuable piece of computer equipment worth over $184000,00
If you are a supplier to this company, be aware this company orders equipment from companies around the world and then refuses to pay their bills because they are protected by their countrys corrupt goverment.  The owner of this computer equipment has a bill of sale along with a written letter from the equipments supplier stating that the company BGA GROUP OF COMPANIES is not the legal owner.
The owner of this company and their management are involved in criminal activities and is well protected by the Bermuda Government .  Anybody doing business with either Wendall Brown or John Tomlinson of Bermuda are risking the possibility of having your property stolen or worse.  These people have been reported to the major law enforcement organizations around the world but cannot be touch as long as they are protected by the Bermuda government and its so called legal system. 
Theft of property in any country around the world is a criminal offence, these criminals should be in jail.
Please stop allowing the companies owned by Wendall Brown and John Tomlinson to profit from organized Crime.  This equipment is being used to run their companies and there is nothing anybody can do about it.

This is a warning.