Monday, March 9, 2009

Has anybody from law enforcement ever looked in these containers.

Several years ago the CEO from the Phoenix moved two containers too the BGA property and left them there right in clear sight behind the the front gate. Nobody has any clue whats inside them, nobody has ever been inside them and when anybody asks, nobody knows. Well don't you think somebody should open these containers to see what the CEO from the Phoenix has been hiding on the BGA property for all of these years. I know your thinking I'm crazy their just a couple of containers, but look closely, have you noticed the air vent on the top, if its just a container what does it need an air vent for? Have you ever seen any of the other containers with air vents? I know the limitation on some crimes is only seven years. How long have those containers been out there? These two containers are right beside where people eat every day, what exactly is the management of BDC2000 hiding in the containers on their property, maybe the police should take a look.
I forgot the Bermuda Police have orders from Mr. Wendall Brown to never set foot on any of his properties under and circumstances.  For example one of BGA's employee's was arrested a while back for killing his girlfriend with  knife.  At no time did the police enter the BGA ofiice area or Warehouse area instead they remained outside until the man gave himself up.  The police follow all orders from the Bermuda Police chief Mr. Wendall Brown.  

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