Monday, March 9, 2009

Pitt & Co another front company

There has been a lot of talk about BGA's acquisition Pitt & Co. Of course everybody thinks this company was purchased to eliminate BGA's competition but everybody at BGA know's that it was purchased to handle one of Wendall Browns more lucrative enterprises, "Cigarettes". Yes that's right Cigarettes, BGA has over the last few years been taking a lot of heat from Bermuda Customs because of their continued shipping of Cigarette into Bermuda using containers designated for the BGA warehouse. You see BGA wholesale distributors is not authorized by the Bermuda government to buy, ship or sell cigarettes or any other tobacco product in Bermuda and because of that the customs department has been clamping down on BGA's illegal smuggling of these product's when using BGA's regular container shipments. So BGA or should I say the CEO, John Tomlinson decided that they would purchase a legitimate company to front their questionable operations by the purchase of Pitt & Co. The major draw back to this purchase is two fold.

First a lot of the popular products sold by Pitt & Co such as "Red Bull" a very popular energy drink also competed with a rather not so popular drink sold by BGA, sorry I can't remember the name of the drink but then again neither can anybody else, I do remember it had a really bad taste and the sales and marketing people at BGA had to practically give it away to get people to even smell it. This caused a lot of friction with the employee's at Pitt & Co to the point where most of the staff has now quit or been fired in the past few months over the company's purchased. A lot of the Islands Restaurants purchased from Pitt & Co and didn't like the idea that they were now being forced to buy from BGA's inferior product line.

The second problem is the Cigarette distribution from Wendall Brown, It was bad enough that BGA was forcing Pitt & Co to drop their most popular lines on the island in favor of BGA's lower class product line but when they were informed that they would be handling Wendall Browns Cigarette's, it was just a matter of time before everybody decided to leave.

Wendall Brown has been bringing in legal and illegal Cigarettes on to the island for years and has used his connections in government to protect him from prosecution. At the same time he has been using one of the Sales managers at BGA to sell those cigarette even though it is a violation of his work permit. Fortunately Mr. Brown has high enough connections at Immigration to ward off any threats from even the Bermuda immigration Minister as demonstrated in the past by his ability to get work permits that are untouchable by even the Bermuda immigration department.

The reason Wendall Brown needed to purchase Pitt & Co was because Bermuda Customs, the part thats not being paid off by Mr. Brown was closing in, making it to harder to cheat the government.
Everybody at BGA knows that his illegal activities were starting to draw to much attention and the honest Bermudians were getting tired of covering up for this criminal activity. 

You see those cigarette have been transported using BGA's regular delivery containers and on several occasions has allowed them to cheat the Bermuda customs department out of their taxes as they were undeclared items. This problem had gotten so bad that Customs started locking all BGA containers until they could prove the contense of the container was indeed the same as on the shipping invoice. And nothing is allowed to land in Bermuda without an invoice. I wonder when Bermuda Customs is going to force BGA to put up Camera's so they can watch the container being unloaded.

I guess the people over at Pitt & Co decided that they didnt want any part of Wendall Brown or his front man John Tomlinson, so most of them have quit, hell all of them quit except for two people, I assume they were the management flunkies that were willing to take money to replace their conscious and morals. You may have noticed their ads looking for new warehouse personel.  If you decide to work for this company or any of Wendall Browns Companies, beware this man is invovled in Criminal activies and will have no problem screwing you over to protect himself and his organization.
you have been warned.

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