Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let us remember the lives destroyed in order to cover up criminal activities in Bermuda

In 2005 the operations manager for BGA group of companies in Bermuda was caught stealing from the company.  What was he stealing you might ask, well he was stealing from the poor, the retirement homes and the local charities.
Food Items destined to be distributed all over the island as a charitable contributions were intercepted and riped off by this man, items worth a staggering amount of money and then sold for his profit. 
Now I know what your thinking how nice that BGA was giving this food away to the poor people of Bermuda.  In actual fact they were dumping it only slightly before and often well after the expiry date had past a practise they do to this date and  in order for BGA to claim a lose for these items from the original suppliers they had to get rid of it and what better way to make points with the local community than to give them food that not only was about to expire but on several occasions was found to have bugs and other life forms crawling in it.

Moving ahead.
In late 2005 the Operations Manager was terminated from his position but was not turned over to the police and did not have to pay compensation to the company.   Why?
A year went by and business wasn't as good as it had been while under the strict watch full eye of the previous Operations manager so the decision was made to hire him back.
A not so unanimous vote by the management staff confirming the decision by Mr. John Tomlinson and the operations manager was rehired with full benefits and salary and a new company policy was enacted by all of the staff.

And that policy is......

The new philosophy was endorsed by the owner Mr. Wendall Brown, the current HR Manager and all of the company's management and then they all moved on.
As a result in January of 2008 Mr. John Tomlinson extended this new company policy and stole a piece of computer equipment from one of his employee's using the legal means and the Bermuda Government to stop the retrieval of the equipment.  That equipment is presently running the companies business.

In March of 2010 one of BGA's outstanding employee's Mr.Marc Paul Breithaupt was sentence to prison in what can only be described as the most unbelievable miscarriage of justice ever seen by a democratic society.   While I completely understand how this could have happened knowing that the management and that the owners of BGA regularly pay off the Bermuda government and their court system to continue their criminal activities.   What I don't understand is how Marc let John Tomlinson talk him into taking the fall for what could have only been another BGA criminal act.   This company has a long history of criminal activities ranging from selling contaminate food products and selling counterfeit drugs from third world countries as well as over pricing and stealing from there supplier on a major scale.   They have been covering up the receiving of illegal materials delivered in the containers with the cooperation of Bermuda customs and are fully protected by the Bermuda government.  In addition they have had major drug thefts that coincidental just happened to disappeared only seconds after they were delivered to their so called secured drug warehouse facilities.  Drugs that could have only been ripped off from the inside and with knowledge that could have only been provided at a management level and the strange thing is that no theft has ever been reported to the police, NEVER.   
Isnt is a little strange that this type of theft is never reported but a Canadian Employee who has made the company tens of millions of dollars in revenue was jailed for stealing!

This company is a major criminal organization in the Atlantic region and is fully protected by the government even though it is well know that the owner Mr. Wendall Brown has been involved in criminal activities for more than 2 decades.
So when I read that a former employee has been jailed for stealing from the company I not only don't believe it, I know every member of the management for this company has been stealing from the Bermuda people for the last 20 years and will continue without interference. My educated guess based on my previous dealings with John Tomlinson and Wendall Brown is that P&G noticed the thefts and they needed a scape goat to take the fall.  Anybody who has worked at BGA knows that the real criminal are at the top of the company not in the middle.

Marc I wish you a lot of luck and I hope you can move on from this.   I'd like to say this company will be stopped but the rich in Bermuda are controlling the Government and as long as that continues there is no justice.