Monday, March 9, 2009

Bedding down to some place comfortable.

Has anybody noticed that there is a king size bed and some furniture on top of single pick area in the BGA warehouse that is covered up with sheets that the rats and the birds are using for nesting material. The covers are filthy and covered with bird crap. Apparently this is furniture left behind by the previous owner of BGA, Ward Young and for some unknown reason its been allowed to become a home for everything that crawls.I'm just wondering when it stopped being furniture and it became garbage. Was that before Mr. Young through it away or after the rats and the birds and the bugs decided to dig holes in it and call it home. Its so hard to decide.This place is like working at the dump except BGA doesnt through out the garbage they buy it, store it, and sell it.
Tell me, would you want rats in your house because the diseases they carry are being delivered every day by the BGA warehouse to your local super market.

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