Friday, October 23, 2009

Pembroke did you know that there is a major drug distributor in your neighborhood!

That's right BGA has there main pharmacy warehouse in the middle of Pemboke, and I know what your saying, you have to put it some where and your right, but do you have to leave the door wide open. Do you have to leave the trucks unattended. How easy would it be to rip this place. No alarms, No security, the employees are always propping open the doors to go for a smoke their are some very dangerous narcotics available mean while the main door is always open.

For example
The management of BGA's Pharmacy department ordered $10,000.00 worth of sensitive drugs which were packaged  in a plain box for security reasons with no markings of any kind to make it easily identifiable.  This box along with several others were delivered to the Bermuda airport and was immediately cleared through Bermuda customs before being picked up and delivered to the BGA Pharmacy warehouse.  The box along with several others was taused on the floor to be opened and processed as is their usual procedures.  Within a very short period of time the box was picked up and stolen out of a pile of several other boxes and then it magically disapearing.  Just that one box and nothing else. While this was considered unusual the circumstances that followed were very strange.  The theft was never reported to the authorities and the contains of the box was never confirmed.  The box was never searched by Bermuda Customs which is usually the process by Bermuda customs if your a really good customer.  This appears to be a common occurence in Bermuda as are all thefts at Wendall Brown's Companies and there are many more instances of such theft.

So to the residence of Bermuda lets make these people welcome, walk over to Bakerylane location and walk down to where you see Rayclan and across the lane to the Redlaser computer store, keep walking until you see Signworkx and then walk up that ramp and ring that door bell and say hello from the people of Bermuda. Maybe they will invite you in for some good old BGA coffee or they might just think your another drug dealer looking for another pick up.

This company is suppose to be under the control of the Bermuda Government, strange how not one person from the Bermuda Government has ever set foot in any of  Wendall Browns companys to verify they are following the governments rules. 

I'll give you another example Government influence and abuse
Bermuda Customs is suppose to enforce the import laws of Bermuda, making sure the whatever is shipped to Bermuda is legal.  In order to ensure this process, especially for companies owned by Wendall Brown that import a lot of sealed shipping containers.   The very strange thing is the way BGA and the Phoenix stores are not required to comply to the same rules as other.  For example, across the street from the BGA warehouse is the main liqure distribution warehouse in Bermuda.  Several years ago Bermuda Customs informed the company that they were required to install video surveilance cameras through out the warehouse where ever a container is received. 
This demanded request has never been made to the owner of BGA or Phoenix Store warehouse facilities even though they have been sited and fined on several occasion for smuggling everything from construction materials to cigarette's and I have been told much much more. 
A few years ago digital video cameras were installed in the BGA warehouses in order to monitor the escalating theft in the warehouse.  Unfortunately the one camera over the receiving area was never turned on because of an unfortunate choice of installation location, directly over the receiving area facing into the warehouse.  Once the management realized that someone could monitor the activities in the warehouse and  in the receiving area that camera's was immediately removed along with all other camera's installed over the last year.  The question is why?
It was assumed that Bermuda Customs would eventually require the installation of these camera's at BGA and the Phoenix warehouse since both companies have been sited over and over again for illegal activies.  Some how they continue to avoid all of the Government rules imposed on other companies. 
How do they manage that?       

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