Monday, March 9, 2009

Sick building, Sicker people.

There have been a lot of people at BGA getting sick because of the poor quality of the air coming out of the ventilation system and although the management feeble attempts to assure the staff that it's safe to breathe nobody believes it. Along with air quality reports stating that the building is safe, nobody who works their is going to believe anything from the management when they know the facts.The facts are this.You can't get a company to do a test on the air quality without telling them that a pesticide company is pumping poison into the building on a regular base and people are getting sick, but believe it or not that isn't the worse.Have you ever seen stories of contaminated water, bacteria that had been sitting in that stagnant water for so long that nobody knows what is growing in it or what damage it could do to a person. Well I'm going to tell you.On the second floor of the BGA Building as you come up the stair and into the main lobby of the office area you will see a very, very small receptionist area. This area belongs to Lavern, she is the receptionist for BGA, a thank less job only made worse by the fact that her work area is the size of a small three foot, by five foot closest. This area is so small there literally isn't enough room to turn around in a chair. Prisoners get bigger rooms.Lavern spends all day, 5 days a week 8 hours a days in this little hole of a reception area taking only her lunch hour off to remove herself from this Box, the rest of the time she answers the phones, takes care of BGA's deliveries and handles anybody who comes to the reception area, and believe me that is a job you have to respect.A while ago the air-conditioning unit over her desk which supplies most of the cold air for that part of the building started to leak. The managements solution, "don't fix it we don't own it" unfortunately that solution had a small flaw. Lavern was underneath it when it decided to dump. This unit has been leaking the equivalent of a bacteria, bug infested, Virus stew muck that's full of dirt (at least I think that's dirt) that leaked into the lights above her head before it falls all over the desk, the electrical equipment, the chair she sits on every day and the floor she stands on. The walls were covered with the stuff and the ceiling is stained with it.... everywhere.She did her best to clean this area up but given the fact that the receptionist desk is made out of a wood which is not exactly sterile and is probably as old as the building itself, what ended up happening was the stuff just absorbed into the wood. The Management should have immediately called in cleaners to helped her when it happened but as we all know the management of BGA won't replace anything they don't own and the warehouse is owned by Marketplace, their for the receptionist desk is owned by Marketplace. So the only conclusion you can make from this is the receptionist for BGA is expendable, worth less then the furniture she works on.Moving on from the nonsense.Ever since this happened Lavern has been sick and I'm not talking a cold, I talking sick, say at home cant move, loose your breakfast lunch and dinner sick and its been happening to the point where she is sick more often then she is well. Now do you think the Management has put this together of even cares that one of their employee's is constantly sick because of the building throwing up on her. "NO".Their non stop complaint is not the leak or the mess or the smell or the fact that there is a toxic waste dump in the middle of their reception area. Their biggest complaint is that they have to find a replacement every time she calls in sick like its her fault that the building is in such critical need of repair that it dumped all the crap built up from the first day that unit was installed probably over 20 years ago unit now, and BGA is making her sit in it every day and expecting her not to get sick.Do you believe this company.

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