Monday, March 9, 2009

Magazine Distribution.

This is another division of BGA that does great business, they run a smooth operation, they make a lot profit and they don't piss anybody off. Even better they make a lot of money and they stay with the trends of the world and Bermuda, and that's hard to maintain when your Boss is still living in the 1800's.
An excellent department, the manager is a smart Bermudian woman. Excellent at her job, very capable.

Some how I doubt we will see her working over in the Mills Creek location, but who cares, right, I'm sure she would agree she's better off working where she is.
Please dont take this as an insult I know most Black Bermudians would.  Im only stating what Mr. John Tomlinson and Wendall Brown hs told their Management staff and that is the Black population of Bermuda will never ever work in upper management positions at BGA of any of the other Wendall Brown Companies.

There seems to be a severe color blending problem in the management ranks at BGA. Im sure as a Black Man and owner of BGA and the Phoenix Stores, Mr. Wendall Brown would agree that he doesn't have a problem with race at his companies. He lets the foreigners he hired to run and manage his companies take care of that pesky black people problem, and if they dont like it they can leave, in the mean time he can just keep molesting the women that work for him. As long as Mr. Brown has owned the businesses he seems to think he can spend his day feeling up the women. He can do that! who going to tell him he can't. Their all afraid of losing their jobs if they say anything against him.

Have you noticed that the divisions of BDC2000 (Thats BGA, the Pheonix stores and SAL) that are not under the direct control of John Tomlinson always exceed expectations, or is it just the fact that these people are no longer being chained down by out of dated, old fashion, Victorian, 18th century thinking, a shoe salesmans business practices, whipping Bermudians into some thing they are not, the bad sell is long dead in todays business environment but the CEO of BGA hasn't moved with the times since he married his way onto the Island. In fact its only when Mr. Tomlinson insists that he be the controller for the divisions of what has been a profitable venture is when the company see's trouble in bad decisions as well bad relation with customer and staff. All around bad management. It seems he likes to squeeze the company in the wrong places until the company passes out. You might say a slavers way and not a leaders way of doing business.

I think Victoria Spenser is a Leader in Bermuda Business that knows how to work with her employees for a goal.

Bermuda watch this woman she is going to out pace the men she works for and eventually leave them in the dust where they belong.

She might own this company some day.

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