Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Promises Promises. Promise the world fix nothing,

A couple of months ago when it was raining a lot, several of the women employee's slipped on the wet stairs and were hurt, some pretty badly. In every case it happened as they were about to leave the building on the steps at the front door.Management said they were going to have this fixed! Well its been a couple more months and surprise surprise they never fixed the problem and YES we haven't forgotten nothings been done.Isn't it time the employee's and the customer's of BGA stop getting hurt on the property and someone does something.Isn't it time after all the years of lip services to stop sending people to the hospital. After repeatedly stating that they would fix the problem just for once don't you wish they would stop feeding bull shit and actually fix some thing when they say they will fix it. It just goes to show you how little your safety and the safety of others means to management. As you know management will never fix anything if it means your going to have to spend money on Marketplace's building and that is the number one problem with BGA. I have personally seen woman so badly hurt from taking a fall in the warehouse that they should have been in the hospital but they keep working because they didn't want anybody in management to know for fear of retaliation. FEAR that their own employer would fire them for getting hurt because of their employers negligence. Gentlemen one of these days your going to be sued by one of your own customers or your own employee's for negligence and when that happens I hope they call on your employees as witnesses.

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