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Who's In Charge of the Pharmacy Warehouse?

January 1/2008

The Manager of the Pharmacy department at the Bakerylane location, Mr. Jon Turner packed up the last of his belongings and boarded an airplane to London. His Family had moved back to England over the previous 6 months and Mr. Turner had decided with his wife and girls that the atmosphere of Bermuda had lost its appeal. But was he quiting BGA, apparently not what had been decided was to try something new. Since Mr. Turner never made customer calls in person and never made contact with the public except over the phone, it was decided to see if he could run his department from his home in England. This was a very interesting idea and had its merits because it was Jon Turner that had made the department a success and part of that success was in large part to his ability to control his department and resources without interference from the CEO of BGA. Fortunately Mr. Turner department started out and remained the main stay of BGA's revenue base and although the BGA warehouse the CEO insisted on control within the BGA warehouse the selling of pharmaceuticals was a little bit out of his depth. As a result Mr. Turners skills were more pivotal with the increase of business to the company as he was able to increase sales and profit within the department. Now an asset like that you don't want to lose. There is just a couple of small problems which most people don't realize.The first problem had to do with going back to England and taking the job with you, your taking a job that a Bermudian might be able to do, after all the requirement for the job is that you have to be a qualified Pharmacist nothing more.

The second problem is related to the first problem in that there is no longer a pharmacist on duty in the warehouse and therefore since Mr. Turner is not in Bermuda doing a job from Bermuda is he a legally a Pharmacist in Bermuda. Complicated I know. Put it this way. If you try to get a drug prescription over the Internet from a company on the Net, who can legally write a prescription to that company, what country will accept that you are qualified to prescribe.

The third problem, is the people left in charge and that is when Mr. Turner left the company for England he left his assistant in charge, who is not a Pharmacist or a Doctor but a non practising registered Nurse. A long with Mr. Turner she does the purchasing for the department. She is also one of the most bigoted people against Bermudians on the island, although in all fairness she does think fairly, she thinks they are all stupid and far below her, you know, the typical American.
And lastly
Problem number four, the Bermuda Government still hasn't decided if a pharmacist in London England can pick narcotics over 3000 miles away and still be legally a Bermuda pharmacist. You decide, can you trust BGA with the minimal effort and safeguards in place, can you trust them not to poison you and give you the right drugs. Now this case is a little different, but in Canada, the US and through out the UK their have been hundreds of lawsuits where pharmacist have handed out the wrong drugs. Now in this case your talking about a pharmacist remote controlling drugs to be sent out to a pharmacy. How can you possible hold a pharmacist accountable for any damages including a possible death if he isn't around to take responsibility. And how can you blame anybody who is taking orders from that person if they get an order wrong and kill someone, they have not been trained nor have they been hired with the responsibility of a pharmacist. Lastly a nurse, no matter how competent she may believe is still a Nurse and not a Pharmacist. The Pharmacists of Bermuda should be aware that BGA is jeopardizing their reputations for an experiment. That's the law in the UK, Canada and the United States. If anybody is given the wrong medication it can trace it back to BGA's warehouse and if you allow this company to possibly kill someone your allowing them to get away with it because they are not going to fix this until someone gets killed.Now their were plans talked about that may have worked where a digital camera placed over the area allowing the pharmacist to see what was being picked as it was being picked might have worked. But there was a major problem in the plan BGA doesn't want camera's monitoring their facility's. So their not. In fact their was a project started to place camera's in strategic positions around the company so the facility could be monitored. Apparently the CEO of BGA found this disturbing and had the project manager fired and at the same time all of the equipment removed from the company. What are you hiding John Tomlinson?

One last look, notice the pictures at the top of the article, see how the doors are open? The doors are always open during business hours letting any would be thief and open door to the parking lot and easy access to the pharmacy warehouse. A child could and has just walked into this place without anyone stopping them. And since there is no camera there is also no record of the offence. Its happened once it can happen again.

I would like to know do the countries that provide drugs to Bernuda and demand a certain level of protection for the public know that the BGA pharmacy warehouse is being run on remote control.

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