Monday, March 9, 2009

Shouldn't the Bermuda Government be protecting the consumer.

I have always thought that in a truly democratic society government protects the public, and in order for that to happen that means a certain amount of faith in the people who represent your country has always been implied. Most ex-pats and tourists are not use to the levels of indifference demonstrated by the Government in Bermuda. The staff at BGA have always wondered why all levels of government stay away from this company. From the police to the fire department, from the heath department to immigration and customs, nobody seems to be concerned that Bermuda needs protection from this company and its management. When the Health Minister of Bermuda over a year ago, stood up in front of the news media and annouced that food purchased in the local markets had been found to have living bugs in it, the public wanted to know what he was going to do about it. Instead of giving a plan to track down the source of the contamination he lied and told the consumer that the food in question was not contaminated from the local suppliers, but that it was the foreign suppliers fault, the products were shipped with the bugs in it, how did he know that? how would he know that? who told him that? The management at BGA was relieved they had dodged another bullet, the heath department never sent one person to inspect BGA, all they did was make a phone call to the company's management tell them that they would handle the problem. . When people were finding bugs in there boxes of cereal and the government said they were investigating, Investigating where? why is it they never went to BGA the first logical place to check, but it never happened. It never happens BGA is never inspected by the Health Department, Never ever.
BGA must have a lot of friend in a lot of high places, I know there have been a lot of formal complains to the health department about the conditions, so why is it nobody can ever remember seeing a single health inspector from the health Department coming to the building and inspecting. Every country has their own rules for inspection but I have always assumed the health department investigated all complaints when it had to do with the public safety and the handling of food. Not at BGA, this company is so filthey I would never buy food from any store that sells their products. I may work for BGA but Im not stupid enough to get poisoned by them.
BGA's facilities are in extremely bad condition and their should be proper government rules and guide lines from the Bermuda health department, but nobody I know has ever seen anyone make an appearance at BGA. Even after a second occurance of comtaminated food and the local TV stations showed bugs crawling out of a cereal boxes and that some people didn't notice the bugs until they had already started to eat the cereal. Why then again did the governments health department ignore BGA as the source of the contamination. While I don't believe that the management of BGA would purposely hurt anybody, I also don't believe they do enough to protect the public and their own staff. Part of that protection should be to make sure everything possible is being done for the customer.

Most of the food products sold in Bermuda through BGA are not from the United States, Canada or the UK but from countries that do not exactly encourage proper handling practices or health standards. I don't believe the Government of Bermuda is protecting the consumer by allowing BGA to continue their business as usual. Something should be done or somebody is going to get hurt its just a matter of time.

To anybody reading the information on the BGA website.
I know most people when they are interested in a position at a company they go and check out that companies website.
Be informed the information on the BGA website is at the least FICTION.
For Example this company describes its warehouse as a

This Companies Facilities may have been "State of the Art" 30 plus years ago but today their warehouse is a metal toilet that should have been flushed over a decade ago. The building is infested with Rats, Birds and Bugs and is so dangerous to the public and staff that the Fire Department has refused to enter the building if it ever catches on fire. The electrical is so bad that no electrician will even touch the existing wiring. The buildings roof has been leaking for so long that its now life threatening to stand beside the northeast corner of the building, the only thing holding up that part of the warehouse is the paint. Ever air vent in the warehouse is an escape exit for the birds and rats and the level of rust to the structural beams could have only happened over decades. Nobody has a clue as to what disease are growing in the company's internal ventilation shafts, but almost everybody has some kind for health problem related to the bad air circulation and mold problems. In 1995 the company was not owned by Wendall Brown, but with the help of the company's CEO Mr. John Tomlinson when was purchased in 2002 has managed to drive the companies facilities to the level of the worst third world countries. BGA's computer application used for sales and inventory control are so obsolete that most of the equipment could only be found in a museum and the only way they can get support is to lie about the conditions. Most reputable computer vendors in the US and Canada wont sell to them.

If you value your reputation dont work for this company. Just a little friendly advice.

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