Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Stolen Ackie.

BGA staff, were you ever told the story about how $20,000 worth of Ackie that was stolen out of the warehouse by Marketplace Staff (sorry allegedly stolen by the Marketplace staff) and that the Ackie was then transported to your local Jamaican Grill (allegedly) where the Bermuda police department watched them unload it off the truck and sell it to the owner of the Jamaican Grill (allegedly) at which time the police reported back to Mr. Wendall Brown who decided to keep his customer rather than have them arrested, so he told the police that he would not press charges. Did it bother you that you were blamed for the theft of the Ackie? Do you still think your being watched? Why do you think the fence at the north end of the warehouse between Marketplace and BGA is now Locked. The Management of BGA knows who stole the Ackie. As far as whether anybody watching you, nobody is watching you, that would also mean somebody could be watching them, think about it. Remember these Camera's, they were suppose to watch the shipping doors so the dispatch area could confirm that shipments were sent out when the customers complained they never received them. They also have the ablity to see long distances and in a wide area. That made Mr. Tomlinson very afraid so he had them all removed. I wonder what the management of BGA is hiding in the shipments received and shipped out from the warehouse. If I didnt know better I would think drugs were involved. But then the Bermuda Customs people would know all about that.

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Anonymous said...

Johnny don't you think you should have some kind of proof before you put peoples place of business in the online people don't see the word allgeded just saying