Saturday, October 23, 2010

Questions of Possible Money Laundering.

Financial irregularity's at BGA, CEO never gave authorization to CFO to process purchases.


Jane Hulse former CFO of BGA may be reported to Bermuda Customs for her part in a possible BGA Bermuda Customs tax cover up by the CEO of BGA.

Please direct all inquiries to the new CFO of BGA Simon Coombes.

Ms. Jane Hulse has declined to make any statements regarding certain financial transactions processed through her department while she was the CFO of BGA. The CEO of BGA, John Tomlinson is insisting that he never gave the Manager of Information systems from 2005 thru to 2008 the authority to purchase IT Equipment and software during this period of time. With this statement Mr. Tomlinson has confirmed that he never gave permission or authority to the previous CFO of BGA, Ms. Jane Hulse who made multiple documented payments for the purchases that were apparently never authorized by Mr. Tomlinson. Mr. Tomlinson has refused to make final payment for a Blade Server Center that was purchased specifically for BGA and was to be used as the new home for the Phoenix Account Database once they started to move towards upgrading their Sun Account system sometime in the next year.

In the mean time since Ms. Hulse has refused to confirm or deny Mr. Tomlinson's statements that the previous IT manager for BGA, Mr. David Ingles was indeed not authorized to make purchases for BGA, legal consul for Mr. Ingles has started looking into the possibility of a counter suit directed at Ms. Hulse for the remaining $9,300.00.

Ms. Hulse's present employer, Bacardi international has not made a statement at the present time. Apparently they were unaware of Ms. Hulse irregularities in her accounting practices.


BGA is presently involved in a legal action regarding certain financial irregularity's where the company's present management and the former CFO, Ms. Jane Hulse maybe involved.

Ms. Hulse has formally declined to provide a written statement to confirm or deny her part in these financial proceedings. Because of these questions her handling of tens of thousands of US dollars during her tenure as Chief Financial Officer of BDC2000 are in question.

Since Ms. Hulse has refused to cooperate after requests pertaining to this matter were made in person and were turned down. All documents with regards to this matter have been requested from BGA's lawyers and answer are still pending. In addition information may be passed on with regards to the principles of BDC2000 and more specially the former CFO Ms. Jane Hulse, as it appear that she was the is central contact for Bermuda Customs in all cases against BGA and the Phoenix. In addition John Tomlinson who has denid that he gave any authorization for any payments even though there is a very length paper trail of invoices as well as copies of BGA check statements that can confirm these transactions were made as well as any further questions pertaining to other invoices she many have handled.

After passing this information on to Bermuda Customs today their representitive assured me that they will review all of this information in depth and if necessary go back on all of BGA import financial transactions processed by BDC2000 before and after Ms. Hulse was their Chief Financial officer and respossibe for signing BDC2000 Custom decloration statements, including the ones for Wendall Browns companys that imports Cigarette to the Island as well as for his construction company holdings which are presently suspected of being used for other violations by the Department of Immigration.

It has long been as issue by Bermuda Customs that the use of BGA's company containers to ship material into Bermuda for other companys not related to BDC2000 has been a growing concern. For a very long time BDC2000 has able to continue trade without interruption from Customs due to the constant drug trade from the US and the fact that BDC2000 is trying to ligitamize itself more on the island by the purchase of other businesses, and in addition Bermuda Customs was not allowing mixed contains from different companys without full disclosure on to the island, the costs were very high for the rick of being caught, it still is even though it continues to happen. its getting harder to hide.

BDC2000's business is getting very complicated. Apparently Ms Hulse didnt feel comfortable continuing to fix certain questionable transactions into an accounting model that could be traced, so rather then wait for any questions that might be posed by to the authorities she decided to leave BGA before any possible legal action was taken against her. With in the last year BGA has replaced it CFO its Accounting Auditor, its IT Auditor and it IT Manager. Are they all related?

Possibly a very wise move on Ms. Hulse part to leave on her own except its not the government taking legal action against BGA yet. Its a good thing that every piece of documentation producted by BGA for the past 10 plus years is still sitting in the warehouse. This will make it much easier for anybody wanting to look at it to match their records with every invoice saved by BGA. I can already think of number of mistakes they will immediately catch once they compare the posted invoice to the customs information and realize that BGA never reported non-related items on their declaration form, Im sure BGA wont mind paying for the mistakes.

Apparently it was discovered during the filing of a lawsuit against BGA, when Mr. John Tomlinson insisted that he never gave permission for certain transactions to be processed and therefore any additional transactions would also appear to be illegal. If these transactions were indeed illegal they need to be reported to the Police and Bermuda Customs as well as the Banks, the question of possible money laundering may be involved on the part of BGA as well as fraud. These transactactions therefore need be reported to their own Bank, the Bank of N.T. Butterfield and the Bermuda Securities Commission who will then make the appropriate request for all documentation regarding all transactions handled by Ms. Hulse for BGA and BDC2000. If it turns out that this is more wide spread then then suspected Bermuda customs has the power to suspend all containers coming in to BGA until all customs duties have been verified and cleared. Also I would suspect that Customs would want to post an inpector on every container coming into Bermuda related to every company in the BDC2000 Group.

Ms. Hulse may be asked to return to BGA and verify every transact that she authorized over the last 10 years. Failure to do so could mean an immediate expulsion from the island of Bermuda. Ms. Hulse has not said whether BGA has advised her to retain legal representation in this matter.

BGA's Management have stated that they never gave authorization for any purchases, which means they never gave the CFO Ms. Hulse permission to process any of these transactions, therefore she never had permission to act as a representative of BGA to Bermuda Customs. Because Ms. Hulse was representing BGA illegally in these activities, it means that she was misrepresenting the employees and customers as well as the vendors of BGA to Bermuda Customs.

Jane Hulse is presently working at Bacardi international in Bermuda and continues to deny all involvement.

Ms. Hulse involvement in this matter continues to be scrutinized.


If you have any information related to this matter

Please direct all enquiries to Simon Coombes or John Tomlinson at BGA group of Companies.


US Banking regulatory service as well as the Bermuda Banking compliance, Bermuda Customs and Bermuda Immigration may wish to investigate these irregularities further.

It has been suggested that this information may be passed on to the Bermuda Supreme court during the course of this investigation and during the course of the legal action again BGA.

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