Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stand up and Salute :>

Now how do you suppose a place like the BGA Pharmacy warehouse that leaves the main door to the parking area wide open all day, 5 days a week. Where there are no alarms, no security except after hours, no guards and of course the kicker no cameras because we wouldn't want the criminals to be caught would we. So how did this gracefully person and I do mean gracefully walk in to the BGA warehouse undetected by at least 4 people, like a cat, unobserved by the human eyes I mean this guy had to be Spiderman because he managed to sense and pick up a small box out of all the boxes scattered about. Pick up one single box worth over $10,000 turn around, in broad daylight and then disappear without a trace. Of course this is fiction, right, there's no way a person could do this, and if they did there's no way you could trace the thief and the chances are nobody is going to die, not from that drug, right! WHY you ask?Well I guess the Police could always hang around the hospital looking for someone with a Viagra overdose, someone who's been saluting for more than 4 hours and then they could sweat out the name of his supplier.What I want to know is where are the people who are suppose to regulate the distribution of dangerous medical prescription drugs on this island. No I'm not talking about your neighbor coming back from vacation and bringing back some weed, I'm talking about the people that restrict the importing of prescribe drugs into Bermuda. They appear to be spending all of their time restricting and none of their time making sure the door is closed and to drugs are secure. Take a look around the island their is better security at the Church Street post office than there is in the BGA BAKERYLANE Pharmacy warehouse and I would hope they don't import morphine on purpose. There's better security at the Burnaby Street and Front Street Cigar store and they only sell tobacco. I think the Bermuda Health authority, the Police, the Bermuda government agency that is in charge of regulating drugs on this island should look into this operation. Right now a three year old with a water pistol could rob this place and nobody would see it or even know about it until long after it happened. Remember that location BAKERYLANEjust across the lane from the Redlaser computer store look for Signworx and right up the ramp to the parking lot.

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