Monday, March 9, 2009

Meat and Potatoes

BGA's management is far and above the greediest group of human being I have ever had the displeasure of meeting on this planet. Their leader a man that insists on controlling every move, every person in the company that will in the short or long run cost him or her  their bonus at the end of the year. Does he work with his people to make a better company. "No". This company is run like a juicer. By that I mean one mans non-stop effort to suck dry every drop of money that can be pulled out of Bermuda without replacing a single thing. No regard for the health and welfare of Bermuda, no cleanups, no improvements that are not calculated into this one mans profit margin. Everybody and I do mean everybody else is a puppit player in this mock team. John Tomlinson needs poeple to help run the company but he only needs them as fuder. He recents and in fact eliminates anybody with a brain or morals, compasion or will. He wants people who rely on him for not only leader ship but he thinks he can get them to validate their lives through him and when a normal human won't put up with that kind of control he fires them or worse. Either way he thinks he's a winners and so do the minimal thinkers that follow him around and do his bidding.  On an island full of Church goers it hard to believe that the people of Bermuda can't recognize what John Tomlinson truely is.

A shoe salesman and a rather bad one from what I have heard.

He comes from a family with no money and married into a family with money and from what I understand hasn't managed to make a lot more money since that day.  He knows how to spend it.

He is in parnership with Wendall Brown a man who is well respected in Bermuda as a figure in organized crime,  he has to be or things can happen.   Look up Wendall Browns little history on the internet,  their isnt much but the one thing you will find is a man that seems to have ties to criminal activities but also has the Government connections to get out from any charge. 

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