Monday, March 9, 2009

More Exposure! (Click here for more information)

That big patch in the middle of the tile is once again black mold, tell me would you let your children live in a room that's full of mold because the BGA management not only expects it, that's where they put you when your being punished. Here's one for the department of health when an employee is punished for something small infraction their sent to work on the third floor where the concentration of mold, bird Fecal droppings and air born fiberglass from the rafters and rusted out air-conditioner ventilation shafts is higher then any where in the building. BGA Management knows the condition of the air-conditioner but they have no intention of getting it fixed, why because they don't own the building Marketplace does and Marketplace hasn't repaired one thing inside the building since well ...... almost never. They did fix the roof when the water started to drip, did I say drip, I meant pour into a $30,000 laser print and they were told they were going to get the bill for the printer. And there was the time they had to fix the ceiling when it completely separated from the building and fell three floors completely destroying the stair way to the main lobby. Fortunately for Marketplace nobody was under it when it dropped, what do you suppose they will do when the whole building collapses get out the glue.

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