Monday, March 9, 2009

Stolen computer equipment.

On January 5 2008, 14 Computer servers were purchased by the former BGA Manager for information systems, Mr. Ingles using his own funding and connects to purchase this equipment. Mr.Ingles was to have the equipment shipped to Canada, where upon his return was to be used  for his own ventures.  His property was never delivered by Bermuda Customs and it was never reported stolen by Bermuda Customs. Every road block to the recovery of these equipment was made available to protect these criminalsfrom prosecution.

On January 21st 2008 that equipment was stolen by the Owner of the BGA group of Company's, Mr Wendall Brown of Bermuda, with the authority of the CEO Mr John Tomlinson when it was taken from the Bermuda Customs area with the assistance of  Bermuda Customs.  That theft was then covered up by Bermuda Bermuda Customs, the Police Department and by the Bermuda Supreme Court.

The owner of that equipment was eventually forced to leave by the Bermuda government in an attempt to cover up criminal activities by the owner and management of BGA.


To all computer users, there is a Virus located on the BGA Website, it is harmful and it will do damage to your computer if you pick it up. This Virus is a direct result of incompetence.
This company has been banned world wide and has been placed on several black lists as a spammer and heavily infected site.
The Virus is extremely hard to remove.


To anybody reading this blog, the BGA Group of companies are involved in criminal activities and has stolen a very valuable piece of computer equipment worth over $184000,00
If you are a supplier to this company, be aware this company orders equipment from companies around the world and then refuses to pay their bills because they are protected by their countrys corrupt goverment.  The owner of this computer equipment has a bill of sale along with a written letter from the equipments supplier stating that the company BGA GROUP OF COMPANIES is not the legal owner.
The owner of this company and their management are involved in criminal activities and is well protected by the Bermuda Government .  Anybody doing business with either Wendall Brown or John Tomlinson of Bermuda are risking the possibility of having your property stolen or worse.  These people have been reported to the major law enforcement organizations around the world but cannot be touch as long as they are protected by the Bermuda government and its so called legal system. 
Theft of property in any country around the world is a criminal offence, these criminals should be in jail.
Please stop allowing the companies owned by Wendall Brown and John Tomlinson to profit from organized Crime.  This equipment is being used to run their companies and there is nothing anybody can do about it.

This is a warning.

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